Best Animated Video Makers & Tricks to Accelerate Your ROI

Do you know that an explainer video can speed up your customer’s decision making time?

Here are some amazing statistics for you; around 80% of viewers plan to purchase after watching a product video on YouTube. Not only this, 97% of marketers believe that animated videos enhance product awareness. Isn’t it fascinating to learn how video animation can be such a charmer to engage the viewers?

Animated videos are truly irresistible. Created using a sprinkle of colors and shades, when motion graphics is presented with a message it reaches out to millions of active online viewers. These videos generate greater benefits for an individual or a company. Even a minute-long animation can garner attention driving huge traffic to your platform.

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The Role of Video Marketing- A New Way
to Reach, Preach & Convert

Video marketing has emerged as the highest lead generating marketing wing in the arsenal of digital marketing. In 2020, around 92% of marketers credited video marketing to be an important part of their strategy. Providing positive ROI, over 88% of marketers switched to relying on it. If you look at the Global Video Ad spending, you will find how massive the revenue generation has been.

Videos have the power to attract a viewer. With the shrinking attention span among online viewers, a need to have an instant attention grabber rises in the industry. With the introduction of videos, as a part of marketing sting, businesses have witnessed an impressive change. It has influenced the behavior demographics of prospective customers; thereby, building strong clienteles.

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How Video Animation Can Power-Up Your
Marketing Campaign

Whether it’s about creating a positive impact on the organic search results or diverting traffic to the website, an animated video can generate targeted outcomes.

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Explainer videos have high potentials to help you connect with your audience. Around 66% of marketers noted to have an increment in lead generation due to animated explainer videos. Furthermore, when these videos are uploaded on social media platforms, they created a funnel of 97% prospective lead generation. The magnifying reach of motion graphics has paved way to reap greater benefits for many video animation companies.

Let’s take a look at what benefits animated videos can reap out to promote a business.

Animated Videos can:

  • Boost Conversion Rates
  • Engage Customers
  • Improve SEO
  • Enhance Product Awareness
  • Maximize Online Reach

Here’s A Beginner’s Guide to Create a Result-Driven Animated Video

Fascinated by learning about the incredible animated video statistics? Planning to create a video on your own? Well, if you think you are no creative and might ruin your explainer video, you can seek a professional’s help. The experts will assist you in creating an impressive and targeted animated video. But if you are enthusiastic to give it a try, then here are some useful tips and tricks to make an attention-grabbing animated video.

Let’s begin the 8-step process:

Step #1- Know Your Goals

You may have big dreams about your marketing campaigns, but you must realize that not every goal can be achieved through a single resource. Similarly, when you plan on creating an animated video, you have to think what purpose your video will serve. You must know your targets and goals. You should not stay blind while designing your video as such a creation often fall flat.

So, the possible outcomes your animated video strategy can target includes:

  • Improving Product Awareness
  • Enhance Brand Equity
  • Boost Online Reach
  • Ensure Conversions
  • Maximize Lead Generation
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Step #2- Select Your Animated Video Style

Animated videos are all many different types. With each type comes its own traits and features. Certain videos are used for certain purposes. Sometimes the impact a Whiteboard video can create would be difficult to generate via any other style of animation. Similarly, the appeal a 3D video can generate is unsurpassable.

Whiteboard Animation

The traditional style of making a whiteboard animation involves showcasing an illustrator drawing the video using black ink on a whiteboard. It’s one of the most effective style of explainer video and is used mostly to describe how a service works or to deliver the brand story. It’s minimalist and engaging. It involves many frames and the main aspect is the selection of the right font. There are usually four basic elements in this style of videos- voice-over, music, font style and brand color.

Now there is another style where you can directly begin sketching the story without showing the illustrator. However, when you plan a whiteboard animated video you have to ensure that its content is precise and captivating. Its tone should be interactive and informative with facts and figures.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation involves a series of frames each depicting a mini second of movement of the physical object. A huge number of frames are all played together to showcase the movements. This is one of the most tickets and challenging style in video animation and only a handful of video animation makers prefer to create it. It’s not only time consuming but is highly expensive as it involves advanced resources.

This video type came out back in the 1990s. Upon the release of animation classics in the 1990s namely “Gumby” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, it got even more famous. Having a stop motion video is tricky but if you manage to do create one you sure can make maximum progress. Here is a video of Honda in stop-motion style:

2D Animation

2D animation, one of the widely created animated videos, can transform even a dull concept into a captivating motion graphics. In this type, the animation studio creates animations in the two-dimensional framework. Using advanced tools, animators incorporate width and height and create characters, images and objects giving them two dimensions. 2D videos serve best when used to deliver a brand story. It can engagingly depict the entire story. It’s like a fine combination of motion graphics with colors and voice over. The inception of 2D videos is back in 1800s. Since then, multiple brands have used them to promote their services and interact with the target audience.

From being used to create short corporate videos to big-scale movies, 2D stands to 3D videos. Here is an example of Airbnb- one of the top-ranking videos. The video generated over 6 million YouTube views. It depicted a journey of family and in the shortest duration of a minute, it engrossed the viewers completely, winning their emotions and capturing their mind. This impressive combination of storytelling blended with 2D graphics stole the show.

3D Animation

When talking about the impact of realistic graphics, 3D videos stands at the top showcasing how far a video can reach. 3D animated videos are created in a three-dimensional environment. It portrays the realistic image of every object, character ad scene. With the incorporation of natural colors, and imagery with an illusion to reality is eye-catching and an instant attention grabber. A 3D video has characters and an impactful voice over. It requires fine graphic skills and highly advanced resources to add a professional touch.

A famous brand Heinz presented its branding video in 3D style where every single frame has its own perfect detailing. Watch it in the video down below how brilliantly they created the setting. Even their tomato sauce with beans poured in it looks tempting. That’s the kind of impact you need to create. The video animation productions all around the globe strive tirelessly to make such videos that can break the records of online reach. If you succeed in doing so, you can expect outstanding results and a magnificent growth in your marketing campaign.

Infographic Animation Videos

If you have a detailed message to deliver and wondering which style would be best, then Infographic animation type is the right choice. This particular style is text-based. Typography shares the major part of the video. You can include charts, numbers and figures with appealing graphics. The aim is to deliver information. When you have so much to tell and are reluctant that your content might look or sound unappealing, you must opt for typography videos.

As you know the attention span of online users is too small so if you plan on providing them information or details about a product through static content, that will not be truly effective. So, it’s better to blend in some motion graphics. Colors, graphics and font altogether will let you roll double benefits out of your video.

Step #3- Compose A Steller Video Script

Now that you have selected your animation style, its time you head on to composing your video script. To compose your script, you have to understand the word limit breakup as per the duration.

  • A 30 seconds video has – 80 words
  • A 60 seconds video includes- 160 words
  • A 90 seconds Video is based on- 240 words

That’s the way a video is written. You must not exceed this limit as it can increase your duration as well. Now you must be wondering how are you going to make a sell in just 80 words? Well, here is a quick formula to compose a captivating script.

  • Address The Common Problem

Begin your script addressing a common problem. Your video should first grab the attention by connecting with the target viewers. You need to get into their shoes, look at the problem from their end and create a bond with them. It’s vital to create a relationship with your viewers drawing them closer to you.

  • Problem-Solving

The second part of your script is where you offer a solution. Now that solution is your respective service. You have to introduce it in a way that it can entice the viewers and persuade them to watch more.

  •  Justify Your Offerings

This is the trickiest part. Here you have to prove and support your solution. You have to elaborate all the bright sides of your product and how it can help them.

Your script requires the right selection of words. You must create short and precise sentences. Keep the tone friendly and informative. Do not waste your words on filing content. Its better if you create some drafts and then select the best version. Remember, you have only 80 words to make your move. So, make it a good one.

Step #4- Choose Your Tool

When you know that the competition in the industry is so fiercely heated up, why to rely on unstable resources. You must put your hands on the top-notch tools that can quicken your animation making process and assist you throughout every stage. You have to focus on achieving your goals by utilizing the incredible features of the best tools. If you are confused as to which tool to use, you can learn about the two mentioned below:

  • Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a pioneer animation maker which is backed up with a massive list of features. Top professionals around the globe prefer to create an animation using it. It offers motion graphics tools, video editing resources and a power pack of options to illustrate your idea. It’s like an all in one tool that can assist you throughout the stages of video animation. However, you need to have a big pocket to purchase the tool. It costs around $999.

But if you ponder on its brighter sides you will not be bothered an inch to pay the cost. It ensures professional-level editing, enabling you to fine-tune your videos. The offline tool mode helps you stay uninterrupted while unleashing your creativity. The simple drag and drop features of the tool add up to the next level of convenience and comfort. The tool is available in both Mac and Windows PC versions.

  • Muvizu

Some tools are not making waves on the internet but are known among those who are skilled and professional. Same is the case with Muvizu. It a highly advanced animation maker that facilitate customers with a bundle of features. It is equipped with a massive collection of icons, patterns, brushes and colors palette. From whiteboard animation to 3D and 2D, you can create any style you want. Almost every animation video services around the world, recommend using the tool. It helps in making enchanting characters and imagery. Adding a touch of perfection in your videos, Muvizu can redefine the art of motion graphics.

The best part about this tool is that it has a free version available for animation makers. You can use a wide variety of features for no cost at all. If you want to use the premium features you have to get the monthly plan at only $29.99, which is equally affordable as well. Known for its vast variety of characters and scenes, it will help you in producing the best video.

Step #5- Create A Storyboard

A storyboard is the most essential step to animate a story. You have to divide your script into different frames and create small versions of each movement. When the sketches are illustrated and paid together the motion is depicted. The animators have to work with the storyboard artist to create the sketch and then it goes to the illustrator who adds life in the drawings. Now if the storyboard is imperfect the illustration will also be a bit shaky. Therefore, every stage of the animation video production is somehow connected. If one goes wrong the entire efforts will go down the drain.

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Therefore, its best to create a rough drawing and plan things out to avoid ruining the flow of your video.

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Step #6- Animate The Video

Here all you need is to use your animation tool to put everything together. In the tool, you can add the story, in the form of illustration, select the background if you do not have one and set the duration of every frame. When you click play the motion graphics will begin showing all the movements. However, as stated earlier you have other options to go if you are reluctant to ruin your video with your non-professional skills.

  • Hire an In-House Team:

As you know to create an animated video you need to have at least three basic professionals- the script writer, storyboard artist and the illustrator/animator. So, now that you are planning to set up your own team you have to hire people who are adaptable and professional. You need to be sure about the animation service quality to create an enticing video.

  • Hire An Animation Service Provider:

The next option you have is to get in touch with a professional service provider and hand them over your project to manage and deliver on the said time. This is the easiest way out and can ensure better ad greater outcomes. As video animators working at companies are reliable and experienced so they ensure better quality services.

Step #7- Add Music

You know to spark up a video, the best thing is to add music. Likewise, if you want to leave a refreshing impact on your viewers and are eager to generate better reach its best to look for some good tracks. Note that the music must be instrumental. Moreover, you need to think about the emotion you want to trigger. With the right choice of music, you can evoke emotions easily. Next aspect is to understand your buyer’s persona. Your brand has a certain voice and so must your music should.

Do not go on adding a track of led zeppelin in your animated video, the essence will not reach to its viewers. You can find some music templates from ThemeForest or Animaker.

Step #8- Add The Voiceover

The last step is to add a voice over in your video. A voice over adds a humanly touch that doubles the appeal. It magnifies the online reach and makes it easier to understand the message. The voice has its own expression and emotion that reflect brand equity. Be selective with our voiceover and choose the one that fits perfect with your brand image.

You can expert voiceover artist easily on Fiverr and Upwork. These freelancing sites gather artist and skilled professionals from every corner of the globe. So, you can have region specific search as well. If you want to try it on your own, you can download some text-to-speech applications. These apps help newbie to enhance the voiceover game.

A List of Must-Have Professional Animation
Tools for Beginners

For those who are worried about finding the right animation tool, here is a curated list of animation software and resource that can help beginners and professionals.

  • Wideo

Wideo is famous for creating YouTube animation videos. The tool is equipped with a bundle of video editing options. The tool is backed with a wide variety of features comprising of editing and animating aspects. You can have a multi-dimensional brush to create realistic 3D videos or the pointer for a whiteboard animation.

Wideo offers users with a power pack of options through which they can add diversity in their videos. You can reach out to your audience with a creation that stands out. The tool has its free version as well. However, if you want to go for a premium version you have to pay at least $9 per month. In addition, Wideo is easy to use and has plenty of options. It’s by far the cheapest tool that is good for beginners. Its interface is clean and captivating.

  • Animaker

Animaker is one of the renowned animation makers. It is known for its easy to use functionality. The tool has a broad range of features to create, edit and enhance a video. You can create 2D to whiteboard animation. It has features that serve every style and type. Brushes to create animation with a realistic touch in three-dimensional frames is one of its incredible offerings.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional animator you will love using the tool. Its drag and drop option helps in adjusting icons and images perfectly. Furthermore, Animaker can help you create alluring storyboards as well. Usually, people prefer to use individual tools for every stage of video production, but with this tool, you do not have to waste time looking at other resources.

  • Moovly

Coming up next in the list is Moovly. The tool is utterly useful to create short to lengthy animated videos. If you have a special inclination towards creating whiteboard animation, you can try this tool. It’s super sleek and efficient in terms of speed and functionality. Moovly tops the charts with its easy to use options. You can explore the massive collection of icons, shapes, patterns and images to add more aesthetics in your animation. Plus, the drag and drop rule help beginners who can, without any hassle, enjoy the creation. However, you can only make a basic level of animation as there are no facilities to create characters or add diverse colors.

  • PowToon

Anyone who plans to create animation knows about PowToon. The tool is a perfect choice for beginners as well as newbies. It is full of multiple options that add more ease in creating animations. Not only this, you do not even have to pay a penny. In the free version of the tool, you will find ample options that will make it easier for you to create enriching videos. You can make realistic characters or fill a huge diversity of colors. Whether you plan on creating your own cartoon or a high definition branding video, you can do it all using PowToon.

  • Adobe Animate CC

If you want to witness the next level of animation, get Adobe Animate CC. The tool comprises a whole new world for animators. You need not fret upon your dull video when you have Adobe Animate CC. It will give you a wide range of options with features that can turn your video into an overpowering video.

You will get to create something that will be going to outshine your competitors. Adobe Animate CC adds the ultimate finishing into a video. It doubles the appeal by offering the highest professional touches. It’s the only tool that not only offers CGI animation but makes creation simpler and easier.

  • Adobe Character Animator

If you are worried about making your characters likeable, here is the tool you must have. Making the latest addition to the Adobe family, the Adobe Character Animator has already paved its way too amusing and entertaining users around the globe. The tool has everything needed to create the most realistic and enriching characters for the video.

This AI-integrated tool is fitted with facial recognition and gesture recognition. It can even animate your real-time gestures. The tool makes animation incredibly simpler and easier. Now you do not have to go through the lengthy process. All you have to do is tell your tool what kind of movements you want to include.

The Individual Costs of Animated
Explainer Videos

The price bracket of animated videos depends upon many different aspects. The duration of the video and the type of animation the customer wants all contribute to the final price. The animation production cost of a 3D video would be much higher than a simple typography video. Similarly, if you add more graphics in your videos it will add up to the total cost.

On the whole, the cost of an explainer video would range between $1,500 up to $50,000. If you want a 2-minute long video, the minimum cost irrespective of the type and other elements would be between $400 to $2500. Similarly, here are the individual break ups of each animated video type.

Cost of creating a 3D Animated Video

If you are looking for 3D graphics with CGI animation, it would cost between $9000 to $10,000. Now if you want a 3D video with simple realistic animation, the cost would range between $2000 to $4000. The duration of this video would be around a minute long with multiple characters. It’s more like a short story-telling video.

Cost of creating a 2D Animated Video

A 2D animated video is equally time-consuming as that of a 3D video so the cost bracket is somehow similar. The average cost to create a 2D video is between $2000 to $4000. However, here you can try making a little bit longer video of approximately 2 minutes. The cost to hire individual resources would be:

  • Storyboard Artist- $48 and $53 per hour
  • Scriptwriting- $200-$300 per scripted minute
  • Pre-Development and Animating- $400-$1,200 per hour

Cost of Creating a Whiteboard Animated Video

The cost to create a whiteboard animation is between $1000 to $1,500+ per minute. If your video has multiple colors in let say you want to add the color of your brand, then the total cost would be around $2000 per minute. A whiteboard video with multiple frame can be even more costly. Its cost bracket would be from $1500 to $3000 per minute.

Cost of Creating a Stop Motion Animated Video

A Stop Motion Animated video begins at $1,000 to goes all the way upwards to $10,000. Now here if you have minimalist graphics with minimal colors and text then you can expect the maximum cost of $10,000 or else the price may go up to reach $25000.

Cost of Creating an Infographics Animated Video

An infographic video is the most affordable style. Its cost ranges from $1000 to $2500 depending upon the font, style and graphics. If you want to create a video longer than a minute, then the total cost would be between $2000 to $4000.

What is the first step in the animation process?

The first strep involves research. You must know which market you have to cover, what is your preferred group of the target audience, which tool you will need and the right style to go for.

How can I make my own animated video?

You can use free online tools where all you have to do is to select your desired template and drag and drop the elements to complete your video.

How do you make an easy animation?

If you want to learn making animated videos, try to make a maximum 15 seconds video. Compose a short script, create a two frames-based storyboard and illustrate it. You can also use online animation makers.


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